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What should I provide to verify my operating address?

To verify your operating address, we’ll need a document dated in the past three months showing the business' name and the address from where your company physically operates. That can be any of the following:

  • Registry extract showing operating/trading address
  • Utility bills with a place of delivery (e.g. water, electricity, landline phone)
  • Bank statement from a physical bank
  • Government correspondence (e.g. court order, traffic fine but it cannot be correspondence from HM Revenue & Customs or Companies House)
  • Rental agreement for the office with either of the following:
  • (1) Duration should be at least 6 months and should be valid on the day of onboarding,
    (2) No validity requirement (no mention about the contract duration),
    (3) 3 consecutive invoices and contract from co-working space provider and should be valid on the day of onboarding
  • Contract with a customer outlining the range of services and the place they are provided in
  • Employee payslip with proof of employee's personal address in EEA/Switzerland and employee's ID showing a right to reside in EEA/Switzerland.

Please keep in mind though that the required document depends on the complexity of your company and/or the documents uploaded before.

Also, we're unable to accept:

  • Bank statements from digital banks;
  • Tv subscription licence if it is for mobile tv.

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