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Transfer fees

Temporarily, all transfers to Ukraine are free: we won't charge you for a transfer or FX fees and transfers to Ukraine won't be counted to your plan allowances.

Transfers to and from other Revolut accounts (business or personal) are always free and instant.

If you exceed your plan's allowance for local or international transfers, you'll be charged for transferring funds.

  • For each local ACH transfer you send or receive above your plan's allowance, you'll be charged US$0.2 per transfer
  • For each US Domestic Wire transfer you send or receive you'll be charged a flat 10 USD fee regardless of your plan.
  • As for international transfers above your allowance, you'll be charged US$3 per transfer.
  • You may also be charged for exchanging currencies

Revolut Business does not charge you additional fees for transferring money, however we can’t prevent a beneficiary or intermediary bank from applying a fee as the money is moved or received. A bank sending funds to you could also charge a fee. When your money is in transit, it might be processed by an intermediary bank who might also deduct a handling fee. Therefore, the amount received might be less than the amount sent. We can provide an estimate of the potential fees for the following currencies: 35 AUD, 20 CAD, 50 AED, 16-32 EUR, 7500 JPY, 35 NZD, 20-40 USD.

However, when you send an eligible international payment with us, you can ensure the recipient receives the full payment/transfer amount by using our Guaranteed SWIFT (OUR) Transfer feature. This allows you to choose to pay the full fee yourself. More details on our fees page.

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