Revolut Business is
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Introducing Revolut Business — a business account platform for domestic and international payments, designed to save you time and money.

Cut unnecessary costs

Save by avoiding hidden exchange fees, cross border transfers and other fees. Traditional banks charge you unnecessarily — we will not.

Make accounting painless

Accounting is important, but so is your sanity. Take stress out of bookkeeping by eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and paperwork.

Free up time for growth

Don't waste time on grinding, repetitive tasks and complex processes. Automate routine work and streamline your workflow.
More than 400,000 companies have signed up for Revolut Business

Transfer domestically and internationally.
All without hidden fees.

  • Get unique USD account details for local payments
  • Hold, send, and receive funds in up to 28 currencies
  • Exchange and transfer money without rubbish exchange rates and hidden fees
  • Fair and transparent cross-border transactions
“Revolut enabled us to launch our business all over Europe in record time, and saved huge amounts of time and money in the process.”
Maxime Romaine, Founder

Eliminate stress from accounting.
Make it simple for employees.

  • Issue an unlimited number of physical and virtual multi-currency company cards
  • Easily manage employee expenses and set monthly spending limits per card
  • Attach receipts with descriptions and view expenses in real time via mobile app
  • Export your transactions or integrate with accounting tools like Xero, FreeAgent and more
"Instant payments, reporting via integration with Xero and easy expense management has made everyone's life easier and saved us huge amounts of time and hassle.”
Chloe Warner, Group Finance Director

Automate your workflow.
Spend more time on what's important.

  • Use bulk payments to make up to 1,000 payments to employees or partners with a single click
  • Get rid of routine work when you set up recurring payments
  • Set permissions for what your team can see or do including rules for payments that require approval
  • Integrate with apps you already use in just a click or build custom integrations according to your business needs
“We were looking for a partner with the technology to pay our drivers on a daily basis. Revolut is super simple to integrate with, and helped us automate processes easily.”
Baptiste Cordier, Marketing and Growth

Sign up in minutes.
Quick and easy.

  • Sign up easily on your laptop or mobile phone
  • Get approved within 24 hours or quicker after you sign up so you can hit the ground running
  • Around the clock support to ensure your onboarding process is buttery smooth

Unlimited multi-currency

  • Get unique USD account details for local payments
  • Hold, send or receive funds in up to 28 currencies
  • Create as many instant accounts as you need for your specific business needs
  • Manage and track all your accounts and transactions in real time, on a single dashboard

The most powerful payments

  • Free instant transfers between Revolut customers
  • Define rules so draft payments can be approved by specified team members
  • Set up scheduled or recurring payments so that you never forget to pay
  • Save time and make up to 1000 payments in a few clicks with bulk payments

Unlimited multi-currency
company cards

  • Company cards for global spending without the hidden fees
  • Virtual cards for secure and safe payments
  • Flexible expense management and mobile app for cardholders to track expenses and add receipts
  • Freeze cards, enable location-based security and set spending limits for full control

Flexible permissions for users

  • Allow multiple team members to access your business account
  • Set permissions to control what team members can see and do
  • For example, read-only access for accountants, payment approval for high value transfers, etc.

Seamless integration with tools
you already use

  • Integrate with popular apps and tools like Xero, FreeAgent, Zapier, Slack and more in one click with Revolut Connect
  • Build custom integrations that meet your specific needs with our Open API
  • Streamline your workflow, automate routine work and integrate your business account into your processes

The product and technical support has been exceptional, and the team have catered to our specific needs.

When it comes to banking, we don’t want to break things, but we do want speed. With Revolut, we can make quick and easy transactions in multiple currencies, without being stung by hefty bank charges.
Shaun Azam, Chief Financial Officer

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