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Why has my card deposit failed?

If your card top-up is not going through, as a first step, please make sure you are entering correct card details (expiration date, CVC, etc) and that your account has sufficient funds.

Other most common reasons that can cause a deposit to fail include:

  • Issues with top-up authentication (3D Secure)

When you make a top-up, there could be a message from your bank asking to authorize the transaction. Please see this article for more information.

  • Card issuer declined the deposit

If adding funds results in an error and the reason is unspecified, it is likely that your card issuer is stopping the top-up request from going through. For the most part, such error shows due to restrictions placed on the card.

Please contact your bank's Cards Payment Division and let them know you authorize transactions to Revolut. It's also worth checking the settings in your online banking if there are any limits for online spending.

As a workaround, you can try topping up with a smaller amount, Apple/Google Pay, a bank transfer or a different card.

  • Billing address mismatch

A top-up can fail if the address linked to your top-up card (not your profile address) does not match the address you've registered with your bank account.

Please go to 'Add money' section, select your card and tap the ( i ) on the right side of the card. Choose 'Edit' and enter the postal code the way you have it in your main banking. If the address is correct, but you're still getting this error, please fill out the form below.

  • Daily limit

At a certain point, your deposit might not go through if you’ve reached an automated limit. No need to worry though! The more you top up with the same card, the sooner your limit will be increased. In this case, topping up with a smaller amount might help, and you can top up again the next day.

The limit is per card, not per account; so as a workaround, you can top up with another card.

If you need more funds before your limit has been increased, you can add money via bank transfer.

If your deposit failed in Revolut app, but shows as completed in your main banking, please see this article.

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