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What are the steps to send money to other Revolut accounts?

Sending money to any other Revolut account, regardless of whether it's a Personal or Business account, is done exactly the same way as sending money to other bank accounts. You can do it either through Revolut Business web or mobile apps:

  • Click 'Send'
  • Add new counterparty
  • Fill in all requested fields

With your new counterparty added, you can either make the payment right away or go back to the counterparties list in the ‘Payments’ tab and make the transfer as usual.

Transfers between any Revolut accounts are always instant and free.

If you sent a Revolut-to-Revolut transfer and the funds didn’t arrive, please contact our support team straight away. We're happy to help.

To move funds between your accounts within the same Revolut Business account, click on Exchange button found in Home tab.

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