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How can I link or create another Revolut Business account?

Linking another Revolut Business account can only be done from the web app:

  • Click on your account name on the upper left corner to open Settings
  • Click on your account name again – here you can switch or add other Revolut Business accounts
  • Select Add and you'll be given two options:
  • To Link another account, enter the email address and password for the account you want to link
  • You can also select 'Register a new business' to start a new application for another company. You'll need to use a unique email address that is not registered with any Revolut Business account.

Once the verification is finished, the link is live. You'll be able to click on your account name in Settings and switch to the linked Revolut Business account using email and password only - no verification code required, saving time and hassle.

To remove a linked Revolut Business account, raise a support request here.

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