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What if I have a virtual address and do not have the documents you need?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept virtual offices, as we require an address from where your business actually operates on a daily basis. As per our licence we are limited to provide our financial services to the Companies physically operating from the EEA and Switzerland.

If you use a virtual address, your personal address will be accepted as your company's operating one. In that case, we can accept either of the following dated in the last three months and clearly showing your personal name and address:

  • Bank statement from a physical bank;
  • Utility bill with a place of delivery (e.g. water, electricity, landline phone);
  • Television license;
  • Rental agreement whose duration should be at least 6 months and should be valid on the day of onboarding;
  • Government correspondence (e.g. court order, traffic fine).

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