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How does Scan document work?

You can use the Scan document function to upload receipts and invoices, and let us do the work for you. We will extract data from the document and use that to identify the corresponding expense.

Uploading documents:

Web: Click on Scan document to select from file browser or drag & drop a file to the screen

Mobile: Tap Scan document to take a photo. Select from gallery or file browser.

You can upload documents that are either a PDF, JPG or PNG format and the size must not exceed 3 MB.

Processing documents:

Once the document is uploaded, it will be processed by our scanning and matching technology. When the scanning is completed, you‘ll receive a push notification and email notifying you of the result.

Reviewing processed documents:

If we find a matching expense for the document, you simply need to confirm the match. If we weren’t able to find a matching expense for the document, you can manually attach it to an expense or create a non-Revolut expense.

You can then add a receipt, expense category, description and tax category as usual.

Data & privacy:

Any information that you upload will be processed in compliance with our privacy policy and we will associate the information you provide with your business user account. Please be aware that administrators on your business account will be able to see the receipt information you upload as they will be asked to review it before accepting or rejecting your expense.

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