Fee Disclosure (Trading)

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Fee Schedule and Payment Terms

[Fee Schedule - Regular and Promotion]

  • The commission that you may have to pay to us in connection with your orders depends on the nature of your limit plan and the currency of the country you live in. We call this the “base currency”. A breakdown of what is and isn't included as part of your limit plan is provided in the table below:
  • Once you have passed your plan limit, you’ll pay 1.99 SGD on each transaction thereafter. This fee will be charged at the time we receive the order. The fee will be charged in USD, using the FX rate at the time of receiving the Order.
  • We also apply a custody fee charged in SGD of 0.0 per month. We use the rate that applies at the time. You can see the applied exchange rate in the Revolut app. Please see here for more information. Where applicable, any relevant regulatory fees imposed by the SEC or FINRA on US Stock Trading, will be passed back to you. Please read more on these fees here.
  • The currency in which the order should be executed is determined by the currency in which the Instrument is traded on the relevant market. In order to execute the order, Revolut Ltd will convert the currency in your investment account to the relevant currency case a foreign exchange fee may apply. You can see our current exchange rate in the Revolut App. Once the currency has been converted, your transaction history in the Revolut App will show the exchange rate we used too. We use the rate that applies at the time we carry out the conversion.