Fee Disclosure (Trading)

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Regular Trading Fee

(Applicable 1st May 2023 onwards)





Charged by


Commission Fee

US$0.99 per order.

Revolut SG

A fee (sometimes known as a brokerage fee) will be charged for each order.

Custody Fee

US$0.0 per month.

Revolut SG

A fee charged on the market value of your assets held with us, charged monthly. The fee will be deducted from your Trading Account.

Settlement Fees


Revolut SG

Costs to settle transactions with US Agents.

SEC* Fee (Sell orders only)

US$0.080 per US$10,000 of sale proceeds (prorated) and minimum of $0.01

-----------------------------------For example if transaction value of your sell trade is U$1000, SEC Fee will be US$0.0000080*1000 =US$0.0080.


An SEC* Fee for the costs involved in their regulation of equity dealers and the equities market.

FINRA TAF* Fee (Sell orders only)

US$0.000145 per share with a per transaction cap of US$7.27 and min of US$0.01.


FINRA fees to recover the costs of supervision and regulation

*Regulatory fees for:  

SEC: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission,   

FINRA TAF: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Trading Activity Fee

Reminder of our competitive Foreign Exchange fees






Foreign Exchange Fee

No fee for major currency pairs, up to your allowable limit as per your plan and during Foreign Exchange Market Hours. More details on Exchange fee.

Unlimited exchange at no fee for major currency pairs. More details on Exchange fee.

An FX fee on fund transfers in and out of your USD Trading Account (if you exceed the monthly allowable limit).

Reminder on your client money account with us

As per current agreement (Trading Terms), you have given express consent to your money being held in a pooled account. We won’t pay you interest on client money held in the course of settlement or held in a client money account as part of a pooled holding. Interest earned on client money held in a client money account is retained by Revolut Securities for its own benefit.