Promotion terms

[No Longer Running] Fee Cashback for Metal Upgrade

[No Longer Running]

What is this Promotion about?

We are rewarding the first 500 customers of Revolut Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“Revolut”) who upgrade their plan from Standard to Metal and spend S$500 on their Revolut card within the Promotion Period. The reward will be provided by refunding one month’s worth of the Metal plan subscription fee (“Metal Plan Offer”).

These terms (the “Promotion Terms”) set out the rules that apply to this Promotion. You must comply with these Promotion Terms and also any other terms that apply to your Revolut account at all times when participating in this Promotion.

This Metal Plan Offer will run from 00:00 28 March 2022 to 23:59 27 April 2022 (GMT+8) (the “Promotion Period”).

Who is eligible for the Promotion?

The Promotion is only open to:

  • Revolut customers who have passed our Know Your Customer requirements and have been successfully onboarded to a Standard Revolut plan before the Promotion Period; and
  • Who have received an email from us inviting them to participate in the Promotion.

If you have not received an email from us inviting you to participate in the promotion, you are not eligible.

How do I earn my Metal Plan Offer?

Earning your Metal Plan Offer is easy. All you need to do is:

  • receive an email from us inviting you to participate in the Promotion;
  • upgrade from a Standard to a Metal plan during the Promotion Period;
  • not downgrade from your Metal plan during the Promotion Period;
  • spend S$500 on your Revolut card during the Promotion Period;
  • meet the requirements set out in these Promotion Terms; and
  • be one of the first 500 customers to complete the above.

You must upgrade from a Standard plan directly to a Metal plan. If you upgrade from a Premium plan, you will not be eligible for the Metal Plan Offer.

Your card spending can be on any Revolut card (e.g. virtual or physical) linked to your account. However, your purchases must be genuine purchases of goods or services (for example, card transactions to payment service providers, gambling, gift card or currency exchange service providers, and money transfers are not valid).

Any spending you make on your Revolut card after you receive the email from us (and before the Promotion Period ends) will count towards the S$500 requirement. This includes spending before you upgrade to a Metal plan.

If you earn the Metal Plan Offer reward, it will be provided by refunding one month’s worth of the Metal plan subscription fee to your Revolut account. This refund will be made within 30 days of the end of the Promotion Period. The refund you receive will depend on whether you chose to pay for your Metal plan monthly or annually:

  • If you choose to pay monthly, your reward will be S$19.99 (being your monthly subscription cost).
  • If you choose to pay annually, your reward will be S$16.60 (being one month’s worth of your annual subscription cost).

Fees for ending or downgrading your Metal plan

Remember, when you sign up to a Metal plan, the Metal Terms will apply. They will also continue to apply after the Promotion Period, for as long as you are still subscribed to our Metal plan.

This means that the normal cancellation and billing rules for our Metal plan also apply. All our paid plans (including Metal) have a 12 month term, regardless of whether you pay monthly or annually. Your Metal plan will continue to renew until you end it.

You can end your Metal subscription at any time (we call this a “downgrade”). However, depending on when you downgrade, you may have to pay a fee:

  • If you downgrade within 14 days, then we will refund your subscription cost, but you may need to pay for services you have used or cards you have ordered.
  • If you downgrade after 14 days but within 10 months, then we will not refund your subscription cost. If you pay monthly, you will also need to pay for the month in which you downgrade, and pay a break fee of two months’ subscription cost.
  • If you downgrade after 10 months, then we will not refund your subscription cost. If you pay monthly, you will also need to pay for the month in which you downgrade.

To check the start date of your subscription, and to check how you can downgrade, go to the ‘Profile’ section on your Revolut app and check your ‘Price Plan’.

You can check the “Fees for downgrading your Metal subscription” section of the Metal Terms for more information

What other legal information should I know?

  1. For customers based in Singapore, this Promotion is organised and offered by Revolut Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd, a company whose registered address is at 30 Cecil Street, 19-08, Prudential Tower, Singapore 049712;
  2. This Promotion is governed by these Promotion Terms.
  3. We can cancel this Promotion, or change these Promotion Terms , at any time without prior notice.
  4. You cannot ask us to invite you to the Promotion if you weren’t selected or ask us to extend it if you miss it.
  5. We will process your personal data in line with our Privacy Policy.
  6. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have engaged in any fraud or material abuse of this Promotion (such as for example attempting to obtain an unfair advantage through deception) we may in our sole discretion take any actions we see fit in the circumstances.
  7. The official version of these terms and conditions is the English version and will be used in any dispute or proceedings.
  8. For the customers of Revolut, to the extent permitted by law, these Promotion Terms shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms shall exclusively be submitted to and dealt with by the competent court in the Republic of Singapore.