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LoungeKey Pass

We are transitioning our Lounge Pass provider from LoungeKey to DragonPass. All new and existing customers will be provided the services by LoungeKey until they are notified by email of a migration to DragonPass. This document sets out the pre-migration terms and conditions for LoungeKey. If you have been migrated, our new DragonPass terms apply.

1. What are LoungeKey Passes?

Premium and Metal users will be able to use the Revolut app ("App") to search for and access lounges in selected airports and purchase a LoungeKey Pass.

LoungeKey Passes are provided by the Collinson Group ("LoungeKey").

2. Who can purchase and use LoungeKey Passes?

LoungeKey Passes can be purchased on the App by Revolut Premium and Revolut Metal users. A single LoungeKey Pass is valid for one visit for one person. You can buy multiple LoungeKey Passes for yourself and for your guests.

The LoungeKey Passes on the App are supplied by LoungeKey to Revolut Premium and Metal users at the price displayed within the App on the day of purchase. The prices of the LoungeKey Passes available on the App may change from time to time, however, you will be informed of the price before you purchase a LoungeKey Pass.

When purchasing a LoungeKey Pass, you will be asked to input a name of the person who will use each LoungeKey Pass. Once you purchase a LoungeKey Pass, you will no longer be able to change this name. LoungeKey Passes are not transferable, and you will be asked to show proof of identification (i.e. passport) along with a valid same-day flight ticket in the name of the person on the LoungeKey Pass.

3.What happens if I cancel my Premium/Metal subscription?

If you have received a free LoungeKey Pass pursuant to Smart Delay and have used it, but subsequently cancel your Metal and Premium subscription within your Cooling-off Period (which is usually 14 days from sign up - but take a look at our Premium or Metal terms for more information as to how this works), you will be issued with a partial refund (for the Revolut Metal or Premium subscription fees). However, you will be charged the prevailing market rate for the used LoungeKey Pass. If you cancel your Revolut Metal or Premium subscription after the Cooling-off Period, then we won't charge you for any free LoungeKey Pass which you have used.

4. Can I get a refund for unused LoungeKey Passes?

You can request a refund for any unused LoungeKey Passes within 14 days of the date of purchase. This can be done by reaching out to us via our in-App chat function. We will issue a refund provided you have not breached the terms associated with your use of our products and services, or the terms or conditions of use provided by either Loungekey or a lounge owner or provider.

5. Is Revolut responsible if something goes wrong with my LoungeKey Pass?

Your ability to purchase a LoungeKey Pass is subject to the availability of each airport lounge. You will be notified prior to making payment if your selected airport lounge is not available.

As lounge services are provided third parties, Revolut cannot guarantee entry and availability of every lounge listed in the App, nor the quality or availability of services provided by LoungeKey or the owners/operators of airport lounges. We are not responsible or liable for the foregoing. To the fullest extent permitted by law, your access to and use of any services associated with/provided by LoungeKey or the owners/operators of airport lounges are at your own risk (including your ability to access LoungeKey Passes via our App).

Lounge descriptions and in-App images are supplied by LoungeKey, and Revolut is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information that we obtain from them.

6. Some other legal bits and pieces.


LoungeKey Passes are provided in partnership with LoungeKey. When you purchase and/or use a LoungeKey Pass, you are subject to LoungeKey's conditions of use as well as the terms or conditions of use of each individual lounge. Please be aware that your personal data will be subject to the applicable privacy policies of LoungeKey and each individual lounge.


To the furthest extent permitted by law, Revolut is not liable for any disputes or claims that may occur between you and LoungeKey or between you and the owners/operators of lounges. Any queries relating to the services offered by LoungeKey or the lounges should be addressed to LoungeKey directly via


The laws of Singapore apply to this agreement.

BRINGING A CLAIM AGAINST US If you want to bring a claim against us, the courts of Singapore will have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any questions relating to these terms and conditions.