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How does the chargeback process work?

Reviewing your submission

When you submit a dispute to us through the chargeback form, we first review your submission to make sure we understand your situation and have everything needed to get your money back. This can take up to 3 days, but it’s usually faster.

Raising a chargeback

Once our review is complete, we’ll raise a chargeback for your case, if possible.

A ‘chargeback’ involves Revolut asking the merchant for a refund for your transactions through a formal process defined by Mastercard and Visa. We’ll send all the information you give us to the merchant to prove that you were charged incorrectly.

Chargeback timeframe

Once raised, the merchant has up to 45 days to respond. If the merchant rejects your claim, it can take even longer. The entire process from raising to a final decision can take up to 12 weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot speed the chargeback process up, as the process is defined by Mastercard and Visa.

Hearing about the outcome

We’ll give you updates via email on how your chargeback is progressing.

If the merchant accepts your claim, you'll be automatically refunded.

If the merchant rejects your claim, we may ask for more information to assess if we can continue the chargeback.

Please note that there is no guarantee that we can get your money back through the chargeback process, even with evidence.

Chargeback rights

In some situations, we cannot raise a chargeback for your case. This is because the chargeback rules set by Mastercard and Visa do not allow us to raise a chargeback for your case. We apologise, but in this scenario we will not able to help further.

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