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My contactless is not working

If your payment was declined with contactless, please make sure that:

  • The card was already used with chip and PIN prior to making a contactless payment
    If you've never made an in-store payment or if you have just received your new Revolut card, you need to make a payment using chip and PIN code in order to activate the contactless feature.
  • Contactless is enabled in your card's security settings
    You can check if contactless is enabled for a specific card by choosing 'PIN & Security' option
  • Contactless is working with other terminals
    Please double-check that the terminal you are paying at supports contactless; payments can also get declined due to connection issue.

If your physical card has been damaged or has worn out, you can order a replacement card. The estimated delivery date will be provided as soon as you have ordered a new card.

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