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If I'm hospitalised overseas due to COVID-19 and this extends my trip beyond 90 days, will my medical care still be covered by my Revolut travel insurance?

If you were admitted to hospital less than 90 days into your trip, we continue to cover your medical care beyond 90 days. Your COVID-19 and pandemic coverage stops when one of the following happens, whichever is soonest:

  • You reach your final destination or main residence.
  • You decide not to continue to your final destination or main residence,
  • You turn down our offer to organise your travel home as soon as your doctor confirms you're well enough to travel (medical repatriation),
  • You arrive at a medical facility in Singapore for further care after we've arranged your travel home (medical repatriation) or emergency transport to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility (medical evacuation).

Our COVID-19 and pandemic coverage only applies to trips made from Singapore from 1 July 2022.

You can check your insurance policy in-app, by clicking on Insurance under the Hub and going to ‘All documents'.

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