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What does the Revolut travel insurance cover?

The insurance policy covers overseas emergency medical assistance and expenses. The total cover for emergency medical treatment and related expenses with maximum aggregate limit of S$10m per Policy and the cover for emergency dental treatment is S$2,000. In addition, you will benefit from our cover for delayed baggage of up to S$200 each, after as few as 6 hours of delay.

Please note that cancelled flights, delayed flights, and accidents related to certain pre-existing conditions are not covered under any plan.

The insurance starts as soon as you depart from your usual place of residence in your home country to commence a trip. It finishes on the occurrence of whichever of the following events happens first:

  • When you return home at the end of the trip
  • When you return to your hotel at the end of the trip
  • When you return to your place of business at the end of the trip
  • At midnight on the end date shown in the most recent statement of insurance
  • When you downgrade to the Standard membership or close your Revolut account if you’re insured via Revolut Premium or Revolut Metal

See the Terms & Conditions for further details.

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