Reach your money goals faster with Vaults

Revolut Vaults are an easy way to put money aside for the things you want. Round up your spare change and stash the difference, or make a one-off or recurring transfer.
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Setting financial goals to suit you with Vaults

personal vault

Set financial goals faster with a Personal Vault

  • Easily fund your Vault whenever, keeping it separate from your main balance
  • Hold a Vault in 30 currencies, and buy cryptocurrencies or precious metals with your spare change
group vaults

Achieve more together with Group Vaults

  • Create a shared space to save towards a common financial goal with friends and family
  • Keep things in order with simple controls for adding, removing and setting rights for group members

Do even more with Revolut Vaults

Set financial goals and deadlines

Stay on track while saving money by setting financial goals and deadlines for your Vaults.

Buy crypto and commodities

Use your Vaults to invest in cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

Choose how to fund your Vaults

Round up your spare change, or make a recurring or one-off transfer, and make saving money effortless.

Common questions

What is a good financial goal?

Setting a financial goal is a very personal thing, however there are some approaches you can use to help you. One of these which many people find useful is the 50/30/20 rule, which aims to help people work out how much money they could spend – and how much they should put away in savings.

How to set financial goals?

By setting a financial goal and a deadline to achieve it by, you can effortlessly keep track of your progress and you look to stop spending money and saving. With Revolut Vaults, you can set this up in minutes.

How to achieve financial goals?

Saving while you spend are four words you wouldn't expect to see strung together in a sentence - but we've made it possible! Just spend as normal on your Revolut card (easy) and we'll round up your purchases to the nearest whole number, automatically saving the difference into your savings Vault.

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