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Advertise your brand, directly in our app, to the 35+ million people using Revolut worldwide. Find and expand your perfect audience

Tap into 35+ million global Revolut customers

Feature your business in our app to make it easy for customers to find you, whether you sell online or in-person. Reward people for choosing your brand by offering Revolut-exclusive cashback.

Capture more conversions

Looking to reach people in a shopping mindset? With our high-intent audience, ads drive more than your brand awareness, they generate sales too.

Analyse and adapt to your audience

We’ll send you performance data and insights so you can analyse trends and shopping behaviours to give your customers what they really want.

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Explore our advertising opportunities so you can win over our high-intent audience. Partner with the app people use to manage all things money, including how they choose to spend it

Sway and satisfy on Shops

Get people rushing to your online store by featuring it on our in-app Shops platform. Customers can discover what your brand has to offer – and get rewarded with Revolut-exclusive instant cashback.

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Put yourself on the map with Rewards

Join our in-app Rewards map to get local Revolut customers to explore your shop. Then, earn returning customers with our exclusive cashback.

Boost visibility with Ads

Put your brand in front of more people and increase sales opportunities with featured ads on Shops, Rewards, the app’s Home screen, and our monthly newsletter.

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Have a look at success stories

Leading fashion accessory brand saw ~8x greater monthly sales with featured ads on Shops.
Bookseller monthly sales increased by 2x using ads on Shops, and continued with 1.5x monthly sales post-advertising.
Leading electronics marketplace saw 100%+ increase in online store visits and 75% higher weekly sales with ads on Shops and in our newsletter.
Leading apparel brand saw an 8x return on their ad spend with Shops featured ads.

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Our ads work for businesses of all kinds – whether you offer the best pizza in town or sell can’t-miss crafts online. Reach out to our Global Lifestyle Solutions team to find the perfect package to suit your needs

Please note, we may charge commissions on sales, to cover cashback, or charge you ad fees, depending on your advertising package.