Revolut Reader

Making your job easier? Check.

Scale your sales with Revolut Reader. Made for your solo business ventures, this card reader can be your new hustle companion.

Taking payments on-the-go?

Get paid via Apple or Google Pay, cards, or digital wallets in just a tap and in under 5 seconds – wherever your freelance business takes you. No wires, no hassle, no problem.

Keep more of what you earn with low fees

Enjoy 1.5% fees on all of your reader transactions. Our clear, simple, pay-per-transaction pricing tells you everything upfront. T&Cs apply.Order your reader

Get money back on every Pro purchase

Get rewarded with up to 1.2% cashback* on all Pro debit card purchases and put more money back in your pocket to use for your freelance business. T&Cs apply.
Get money back on every Pro purchase

Go pro, no sweat

Got Revolut already? Become a Pro — the plan with everything you need to make your gig grow.Get started

*Cashback depending on your plan: Ultra 1.2% | Metal 0.8% | Premium 0.6% | Plus & Standard 0.4%. T&Cs apply