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Tailored Lifestyle Ads and Notifications


Revolut is all about putting you in control of your money. We want to make sure you get the most relevant information about products and services we know you’ll love.

When you agree, we will tailor the lifestyle offers you receive from Revolut specifically for you. When we refer to ‘lifestyle offers’, we mean ads and notifications about services, deals or promotions available in the Lifestyle section of the Revolut app which relate to:

  • our Lifestyle products and services
  • third party brands and products

Revolut Lifestyle products and services in scope include:

  • Stays
  • Experiences
  • Lounges
  • SmartDelay
  • eSIMs
  • Airline Miles

How do we show you tailored lifestyle offers?

First, we need you to tell us that you want us to personalise the lifestyle offers we make available specifically for you.

Once you’ve done this, we will tailor the lifestyle:

  • offers specifically for you that you see in the Revolut app
  • notifications you receive (if you have told us you want to receive these)

We check how you engage with lifestyle offers to understand the effectiveness of the tailored lifestyle ads we show you in the Revolut app and the tailored lifestyle notifications we send you. We can measure what lifestyle ads or notifications you click or view. In turn, this means we can provide you with even more useful and relevant ads and notifications.

What information does Revolut use?

Tailored lifestyle offers are designed with you in mind. It is entirely up to you whether you want to turn them on. You can turn them off at any time.

When you opt in, Revolut will use the following information to make sure we’re letting you know about lifestyle products, services, deals and promotions that are directly relevant to you:

  • the transactions you make with third party merchants through your Revolut card or account (for example, the name of the merchant you have paid, your departure and arrival cities if you purchase a flight)
  • information we know about you (for example, your age, your address, your gender, your birthday)
  • information we gather about you when you use Revolut (for example, what mobile device you use, the version of the Revolut app you use, your Revolut plan, your current timezone and general location)
  • which Revolut products you use and how you use them

Revolut will not use any information about sensitive transactions you make through your Revolut card or account (for example, if you spend money at a health facility or professional, religious or political organisation).

Which company is responsible for my personal data?

Revolut Ltd., a company in the United Kingdom, is responsible for providing you with tailored lifestyle offers.

If you are located outside the United Kingdom, the Revolut entity which provides you with your payment account needs to share the information set out above with Revolut Ltd. This allows us to provide you with tailored lifestyle offers you have requested. For example, if you are based in the European Economic Area, Revolut Bank UAB will share your information with Revolut Ltd.

Relevant banking secrecy laws in some countries may treat this information as confidential. When you opt in, you agree that Revolut Bank UAB, or its branches, may share this information with Revolut Ltd to provide you with tailored lifestyle ads and notifications.

Does Revolut work with third parties?

Yes when we show you tailored lifestyle offers about third party products, services, deals or promotions. Revolut works with other companies to bring you the best deals available.

Other companies will ask Revolut to show ads, or send notifications, about their brands to Revolut customers. These companies can specify the types of Revolut customer that they want to see their ads or receive notifications about their brand. For example, a company may want to target Revolut customers who:

  • are based in a certain country (say, the United Kingdom)
  • are a within a specific age range (say, 20 to 24)
  • are a certain gender (say, female)
  • have shopped with certain brands in the past

Revolut will then pull together a target audience of customers. These customers will see tailored lifestyle ads, or receive tailored lifestyle notifications, about the company’s selected product, service, deal or promotion.

Revolut will not share any information about you with other companies unless: (a) you make a purchase with a third party brand after clicking on an ad or notification; and/or (b) we need to share information (strictly limited to aggregated transaction data and a unique identifier assigned to you only for the duration of your online purchase) to make sure you get any promised cashback and/or Revolut receives a commission from the third party brand.

Remember, only those Revolut customers who have proactively told us they want to participate will see these tailored lifestyle ads or receive tailored lifestyle notifications.

How can you change your ads or notification preferences?

Revolut will only show you lifestyle offers tailored specifically for you if you agree. You can change your preferences at any time. Through the Revolut app, you can:

  • update your preferences any time using the ‘Lifestyle’ toggle in the ‘Notifications’ settings section of the Revolut app at any time.
  • opt out of receiving email and push marketing communications (including about Revolut products and third party promotions) from us in the ‘Notifications Settings’ section of the Revolut app.

Where can you find more information about how Revolut processes your personal data?

Check out our Customer Privacy Notice. This has lots of important information about things like:

  • which Revolut company is the controller of your personal data
  • why Revolut generally collects and uses your personal data
  • how Revolut shares your personal data
  • whether Revolut shares your personal data internationally
  • how long Revolut retains your personal data
  • how you can exercise your rights as a data subject under relevant privacy laws

Who should you contact if you have any questions?

Contact [email protected] if you have any data protection questions about tailored ads or notifications. Our expert team will be happy to help.