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Due to AVS address mismatch

Address Verification System (AVS) checks whether the card billing address (of your bank card linked to Revolut) matches the one linked to your bank.

If your top-up has failed due to AVS mismatch (postal/ZIP code issue), please check the correct postcode of your card's billing address in your other bank online and provide it in the Revolut app. There's no need to delete the card and re-add it with a new address. You need go to the 'Top-up' section → press 'edit' → tap on 'i' → edit the Billing postal/ZIP code. Please allow some time before attempting to top-up again.

If the above solution fails or the address is matching, please chat to us and provide a screenshot of your bank statement showing the last card top-up (with matching card confirmation code) done to your Revolut account.

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