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Why has my card deposit failed?

Some of the most common reasons that can cause a deposit to fail are:

In most cases, it's worth contacting your bank first, as they might decline our top-up request for various reasons.

At a certain point, your deposit might not go through on our side if you’ve reached an automated limit. There's no need to worry though! The more you top up with a specific card, the sooner your limit will be relaxed over time. In this case, topping up with a smaller amount might help, and you can top up again the next day.

The top-up limit is per card, not per account; so as a workaround, you can top up with another card.
If you need more funds before your limit has been increased, you can add money via bank transfer.

If your deposit failed in Revolut app, but shows as completed in your main banking, please see this article.

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