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What should I do if a transfer doesn't arrive to my account?

Just like a regular bank account, your Revolut account balance will be updated once a transfer has reached your account. If the transfer is still within the transfer timeframes, while it is not possible for Revolut to speed it up, it will most likely reach you soon.

The time it takes for the transfer to land in your account depends mostly on its origin. Domestic transfers usually take up to 2 business days while international transfers up to 5 business days. Transfers from any European country or from the UK should also take 2 business days.

There may be exceptional cases where the transfer might take slightly longer than usual to land into your account:

  • Some banks don't process transfers during weekends and bank holidays
  • Some banks may take a longer time to process transfers
  • We cannot process transfers with incorrect recipient details, such as account number or IBAN typos
  • All banks and payment service providers are required to run checks on your payments to comply with regulations, which may cause delays

If after the estimated timeframe you still haven't received an expected transfer, please check with your sender that:

  • Their transfer matches your account details
  • They sent it to your correct currency account details
  • The funds haven't been returned to them

If you would like our support team to help you with your expected transfer, please fill out the form below. We would need you to ask your sender to provide a transaction statement from their bank containing at least the following details (if you sent from your own personal account, you may find this on your bank's online e-banking portal)

  • Your sender's name and account details
  • Date the transfer was made
  • Transfer amount
  • Your name and account details

By providing us with a transaction statement, we are able to help you more effectively. Alternatively, your sender can ask their bank to trace or recall the funds from their end.

Please note that if the transfer has not reached your Revolut account we can only help you reach out to the sender's bank.

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