Diversity & Inclusion

Our mission at Revolut is to relentlessly make all things money 10x easier, useful and more rewarding for everyone, everyday. To achieve this, we know that our workforce must be representative of our diverse customer base

Work environment

Only by seeking out diverse talent around the globe and by creating an inclusive workplace can we access the breadth of skills, abilities and creativity that we need to create exceptional and innovative products and services for our customers. We strongly believe that an inclusive working environment enables everyone to realise their full potential and to deliver outstanding service to our customers. We continually strive to use all the experiences that our employees bring with them to influence and shape our decision making process. We are an equal opportunities employer and we aim to recruit, train and promote based on individual aptitudes and skills.

Constant innovation

We partner with diverse community organisations and academic institutions to connect with members, students and alumni spanning a huge range of backgrounds and geographies. We’re always innovating, supporting big ideas wherever they come from. We never settle when it comes to increasing diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging at Revolut.


Our Culture

We believe that any success at Revolut comes from two things: our people and our culture. We believe that brilliant people operating in a great culture will produce the best outcome.

Discover our values

Never Settle, Think Deeper, Get it Done, Dream Team and Deliver Wow

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  1. Get It Done

    We believe that ideas are great, but execution is everything. That’s why respect at Revolut comes from sweat and stretch.

  2. Deliver WOW

    We love building great products, we love delighting our customers

  3. Dream team

    We believe the key to winning is building diverse, lean teams of brilliant go-getters who break down barriers.

  4. Never Settle

    We constantly push, rethink, and rework to get 10x further from where we are now. We aren’t afraid to be ambitious — and we’re always looking for the next big thing.

  5. Think Deeper

    We believe logic, reason, and common sense prevail over everything else in decision-making. We dive deep until we get to atoms. If we don't know something – we bet, collect the data, and reiterate.

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