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Why was I logged out of my Revolut account and how can I access it again?

We reached out to you earlier this year to provide us with your Purpose of account (PoA). As a financial institution, Revolut needs to make sure your information is complete, correct and up to date. This is a regulatory requirement from our Lithuanian Entity - the exact regulation can be found in Law On Prevention Of Money Laundering And Terrorist Financing Of The Republic Of Lithuania Article 9. Paragraph 14. to request your account purpose.

We’re still missing this information from you and we can see you’re on an older version of the app. Please update it, to make sure you have all the right information.

How do I remove restrictions?

  1. Make sure to update your Revolut app to the latest version,
  2. Provide your 'Account Purpose',
  3. Select whichever option(s) fits best.

What’s the deadline?

Because we need this information for regulatory reasons, we need you to submit it as soon as possible. We'll give you a few days after receiving an email to update your app before we log you out of it.

What features will be restricted if I don't update my Revolut app?

Your access to the Revolut app will be restricted. But you’ll still be able to access your Revolut card and receive money.

If you face any problems while submitting PoA, please chat to us.

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