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What if I have an issue with my LoungeKey Pass?

When checking in at the lounge, be sure to present your QR code and identify yourself with your LoungeKey Pass. In order to access QR code go to the 'Hub' section, select 'Lounges', click on your name and press 'View QR Code'.

If the lounge has an issue reading your QR code, ask them to manually input the Lounge Identifier Number provided directly under the QR code on your pass.

If you still face further issues please contact the LoungeKey customer support team on +44 (0) 0208 865 3117 or at

The pass is not related to any specific airport or lounge, so you will be able to use it any time in the future, based on availability in your chosen lounge. However, if you wish to receive a refund for any passes that haven't been redeemed, contact us via in-app chat and type ‘Live Agent’.

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