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Why was my return payment for a bank transfer less than the original amount sent?

Revolut does not charge you for transferring money. However, it is important to watch out for third-party fees when it comes to bank transfer.

Although your transfer was not successfully received by the beneficiary and is returned to your account, when your money is in transit, it may be processed by an intermediary bank who could also apply a handling fee. In simple terms, third-party fees may cause a lower amount returned to your account than the amount you originally sent.

For payments through the SWIFT network, intermediary banks are used to complete the transaction. In return for this service, they might collect a fee know as an Intermediary Bank Fee. Revolut does not have visibility or authority over these fees. Typically intermediary bank fees are in the range US$ 15-30 or its equivalent in other currencies, but they can vary significantly. As a rule of thumb, transfers that are at higher than average risk of being charged are transfers to smaller banks or banks geographically far away from your location. In turn, transfers at low-risk of being charged are transfers e.g. within the same region, between big banks, close geographically. 

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