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How fast is my outbound transfer to a bank account or card?

Transfers to bank accounts

The time it takes for your transfer to reach the beneficiary account depends on the currency being sent and the country to which the money is transferred. These times can differ greatly, but we're able to provide estimates for most common cases.

GBP transfers to a UK bank account:

This will arrive in a few seconds via Faster Payments. Your GBP local account is used for this type of transfer

EUR transfers to a bank account domiciled in SEPA:

Typically, take a few seconds but can take up to 2 working days if the beneficiary bank does not support instant payments. Your EUR local account is used for this type of transfer.

International transfers:

International transfers via SWIFT network usually take up to 5 business days to reach the recipient's account. Please note, there may be exceptional cases in which a bank transfer can take slightly longer than usual to reach your recipient. These can include banks not processing payments during weekends and bank holidays, more time needed to credit the funds, incorrect transfer details or regulatory checks run by the recipient bank.

These payment timeframes can change from time to time, as a result of changes we make to our processing systems and partners

Transfers to cards

Transfers to cards typically take a few minutes but can take up to 30 minutes.

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