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Refund is not showing up in my statement

A refund generally takes 5 working days to show on your account from the date it was sent. However, depending on the merchant’s payment system, it may take longer than that. Please allow 15 business days from the moment the refund was issued.

Timeframe passed, but refund still not received?

  • Check the balance of the relevant currency accounts

As an example, the original currency of a payment was USD, but it was charged to your EUR account. When expecting a refund, please check both EUR and USD accounts.

To view the balance of other currency accounts please go to Home → Accounts → choose the currency by tapping on an arrow pointing down next to the balance amount.

  • Refunds vs. Reversals

If the payment that should be refunded shows as pending in the app, please clarify with the merchant if they released the original pending payment or issued a refund as a separate transaction.

If the pending payment is released (original transaction becomes reverted), you will not see this as a separate transaction, but the funds will be credited to your balance. Nevertheless, you can check that on transactions’ statement by going to 'Accounts' → 3 dots → 'Statement'.

  • Contact the merchant to get the proof

A merchant should check if the refund was indeed sent to your card details. You can ask for a proof of the refund, and provide it in the in-app chat.

  • Dispute the payment with the help of our team

As a last resort, please fill out the chargeback form for our team to help. In order to complete the chargeback process, we will need the proof of your purchase and evidence that you tried to resolve the issue with the merchant.

The refund is on my account, but it is pending

A pending refund means that we have been notified that a refund will be sent by the merchant, but the funds have not reached us yet. As soon as they do, your refund will be automatically credited to your balance.

Things not to confuse merchant refunds with:

  • Original payment declined - but transaction shows as pending or completed

If the transaction was declined on the terminal (payment in a shop or ATM withdrawal) or online, but still shows as pending in the app, please allow the authorization timeframe to pass - the funds will be unblocked automatically.

If a declined payment got completed in the app, please fill out the chargeback form.

  • Refund for one of the Revolut products

If your request is about a refund for one of the Revolut products, such as plan fee, card delivery fee, lounge pass or insurance fee, please chat to us.

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