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I've been charged more than once for the same transaction

If a duplicated card payment was declined but appears as pending in the Revolut app, the money will be returned to your account automatically within 7 days.

If a duplicated card payment appears as completed in the Revolut app, please contact the merchant for a refund on duplicated payments.

Some restaurants, primarily in the USA may pre-authorise a payment and then appear to charge you for a second payment. This can happen if you pay a bill in a restaurant and then add a tip.

For example, the restaurant will first pre-authorise your Revolut card with the cost of the entire bill; say $40. If you then add a tip, a second payment of $47.50 could appear on your account. Should this happen, the merchant will cancel the pre-authorisation or it will expire. This can take up to 15 days, at which point your account will be credited for any double charges.

If you have a duplicated card payment that appears as completed in the Revolut app and the merchant has refused to help, please fill out our online chargeback form.

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