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How do I transfer money to my Revolut account from another bank account?

You can use your Revolut account to receive transfers from other bank accounts. Your Revolut account is a multi-currency account, whereby each currency account has unique account details to receive particular transfers.

For some currencies you have two types of account details:

  • Domestic (local), whereby the sending and receiving bank are located in the same country or area, which is processed via a local transfer network, or
  • International (cross-border), which is mainly processed via the SWIFT transfer network.

You can find your available ‘local’ and ‘SWIFT’ (cross-border) account details for each supported currency in the 'account details' section of your Revolut app. If your account details for a currency does not have a ‘local’ section, then only SWIFT details are available at this moment. We’re working hard to bring more local details in the future!

Use local details where possible as local transfers are usually quicker and cheaper (or free) compared to SWIFT transfers. Also, make sure to use the specific account details for the currency you intend to send.

Adding GBP: use your local account number and sort code to receive Faster Payments, CHAPS or BACS transfers from UK bank accounts. Use your SWIFT IBAN and BIC details to receive cross-border SWIFT transfers from bank accounts outside the UK.

Adding EUR: use your local IBAN and BIC to receive SEPA transfers from bank accounts within the SEPA area. Use your SWIFT IBAN and BIC details to receive cross-border SWIFT transfers from bank accounts outside the SEPA zone.

Adding PLN: Use your unique PL IBAN to receive money domestically.

Adding other currencies: use your IBAN and BIC details from the SWIFT tab in your Revolut app for the particular currency that you intend to receive.

When instructing a transfer to your Revolut account, ensure that the account details are used as they are shown in the Revolut app. A combination of local and SWIFT details, or using the wrong details to initiate a transfer will cause it to fail and bounce back to the sender.

If you are reading this article from your Revolut app, you can tap on ‘Making an inbound transfer’ below, to start a chat with our support team to help.

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