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FreeFreeGet started with basic features
Growzł 125/monthSave up to 20% on the annual plan
Scalezł 500/monthSave up to 20% on the annual plan
EnterpriseCustomTailored for larger businesses

Metal cards

An additional €57.99 for every metal card outside of your free allowance

1 free
2 free

Plastic company cards

Get cards with individual limits for your team. Up to 3 per team member, fees may apply

Virtual company cards

Set up online cards for an additional layer of security. Up to 200 per team member

Transfers and exchange

Fee-free international payments

A zł 15 fee applies per international payment outside the monthly allowance


Fee-free local payments

A zł 1 fee applies to every local transfer made outside the monthly allowance


Foreign exchange at the real exchange rate

A 0.4% markup applies for each exchange outside of the free monthly allowance. Fees apply outside market hours

zł 50,000
zł 250,000

Crypto exchange

1.99% fee
0.99% fee
0.99% fee
0.99% fee

Bulk payments

Spend like a local in 150 currencies

Hold and exchange 25+ currencies

Free transfers to Revolut accounts

IBANs for global transfers

Manage recurring transfers

Local accounts in GBP and EUR

Accept payments online

UK consumer cards

1% + zł 1
1% + zł 1
1% + zł 1

International and commercial cards

2.8% + zł 1
2.8% + zł 1
2.8% + zł 1

Revolut Pay

1% + zł 1
1% + zł 1
1% + zł 1

Easy bank transfers

Fees will never exceed £1 per transaction

1% + £0.20
1% + £0.20
1% + £0.20

Create and track your invoices

Accept payments on your website

Accept payments in-person

UK consumer cards

0.8% + €0.02
0.8% + €0.02
0.8% + €0.02

International and commercial cards

2.6% + €0.02
2.6% + €0.02
2.6% + €0.02
Team management

Invite unlimited team members

Team member permissions

Spend management

Transfer approval

Manage your team’s expenses

Add members for zł 25 per month

Additional features

Account management

24/7 support



Business API integrations

Limit and Stop orders


Manage your team’s Payroll

Add members for £3 per month

Connect your company’s apps

Xero, Slack, QuickBooks and more

Access on the web or via the app

Request payments with shareable links

Transfer without borders

Save money with transfers and payments at competitive rates

Make and take payments, all in one place

Accept payments easily worldwide and get fast access to your funds

Here's what our customers say

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"Revolut Business has been with us as we went global: our business account could keep up with our market expansion in 50+ countries. A message to other founders: do it, without any doubt."Ignacio Marcos Pérez, CFO • ThePower Business School
“We launched our business Europe-wide in record time, saving huge amounts of time and money.”Maxim Romain, Founder • Dott
“To other CFOs considering Revolut Business: go for it! Flexible with easy access, it's a no-brainer.”Arthur Edson, Head of Finance • Wild
“Without Revolut, we would either still be performing manual payments, or have seen a decline in the level of service to customers.”Charles McCulloch, Finance Manager • Creditspring

Make team spending stress-free

Use cards, expenses, and analytics to get real financial control in a fraction of the time

Smart cards for smart business

Empower yourself and your team with physical and virtual company debit cards

Got a team? Control spend and permissions from one place

Avoid hassle with automated Expenses

Stay ahead of market movements

Discover new revenue streams, manage risk and plan for the future

Set your fixed future exchange rates online, 24/7

Exchange money at competitive rates in 25+ currencies

Everything you need to run your business in one place

Keep costs down and productivity high

Less admin with accounting integrations

Easily integrate your accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks to save time

Accept contactless payments with only an iPhone

Big news: Tap to Pay on iPhone is available on Revolut Business. Accept in-person, contactless payments from customers just from your iPhone. No extra hardware needed.

Access all your apps and integrations

Get paid faster with smart invoicing

Unlock the power of APIs

Seamlessly integrate your own tools and automate your payments with our Business API for a customised experience. Paid plans only

Also available on mobile

Easily and securely access your Revolut Business account from your phone, with our mobile app

Security that’s super smart and safe

Spend with confidence

Protected by high quality tech security systems

Block or freeze cards and set limits with a tap

For local heroes, startups and ambitious big businesses

Empower your team and stay in control of your spend

Separate business and personal finances to raise your game

Get perfect-fit plans to supercharge your business

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Sign up today and unlock 1 month of a paid plan without subscription fees. T&Cs apply

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Revolut Business FAQs

How quickly can I open a business account?

You can open a Revolut Business account quickly in about 10 minutes - just fill out a short form. We’ll need to review your business account application and start the on-boarding process. The on-boarding process can be quick, but will depend on the complexity of your company and the documents uploaded. Can’t continue or you've been waiting for more than a week? Complete a support request and we'll be happy to help you.
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What do I need to open a business account?

To open your Revolut Business account, we’ll need to know: - Your operating address confirmation - A short description of what your business does and where (nature of business) - How you intend to use your business account - Proof and verification of your identity - Which Revolut Business plan you’ll start with It's easy to get started.
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How much will it cost to open a business account?

With our Free plan, we won't charge you a monthly fee. You only pay for what you've used during the month. With one of our paid plans, you can get exclusive features, perks, and have higher allowances to help you save money. Our plans suit two types of Business accounts: companies and freelancers. Want to find out about costs? Check out our business account pricing page.
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How do I open a business account with Revolut Business?

Opening a Revolut Business account is quick and easy. 1. Fill out a short online form - it only takes about 10 minutes. 2. We’ll review your business account application as part of your business onboarding. 3. We onboard your business and your account's ready to go. It's that simple. We may need to reach out to confirm a few details or leave you a message on your application, guiding you through the required information/documentation.
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Offer available until December 31st 2023. Selected countries are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.