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How do I order a new card?

If an individual has already access to your account:

  • Go to Cards tab
  • Tap 'Order card'
  • Choose a cardholder. Make sure they're within their allowance

If you have not invited them to join your business account yet, check our guidelines on how to add a new team member.

Delivery fee

The first physical card for each team member is free. Any additional cards will be charged a delivery fee starting from £4.99 (or currency equivalent) for standard shipping. You'll see the full price while ordering a card at the checkout.

Delivery address

When ordering a card for yourself, you'll have an option to specify the address (e.g., office, home, foreign country) you'd like the card to be sent to. This also applies to team members who'll receive a card invitation.

Note: you can only issue cards to other individuals on Company plans. To order new cards, you either have to be an account owner or an admin with required permissions.

Troubles with card delivery or you need to cancel the order? Submit a support request here.

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