Cards for virtually every business need

Issue up to 200 virtual debit cards per team member instantly, organise team and company spend in 25+ currencies, and protect your funds from fraud

Tackle team spend

Issue up to 200 virtual debit cards per team member.* Give them power to pay for everything from operational costs to work travel without red tape or reimbursement. Use contactless virtual cards with Apple and Google Pay, and spend in 25+ currencies. *Company plans only

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Expert expense management

Prevent overspending by setting spending limits for each virtual card. Organise your expenses by dedicating virtual cards to specific expenses, like a subscription or supplier, to keep track of your costs.

Secure your spending

Protect your main account from potential fraud with virtual debit cards. If you see anything suspicious, deactivate the card and replace it instantly, without waiting for the post. Set expiration dates to better control where your money goes – or doesn’t go.

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Dive into the details

Get granular control over your spend with real-time reporting and analytics. Tag and track each transaction to simplify your accounting and reconciliation process.

Boost your business operations with virtual cards

Simplify team travel bookings

Sending your team across the globe? Issue your team virtual cards with limits so they can book their own business travel with ease. They won’t need to wait for lengthy approvals or reimbursements, and you can control spend.

Why go with a virtual card?

  1. Issue up to 200 per team member, wherever they’re based, to spend in 25+ currencies

  2. Set expiration dates so card details deactivate when you don’t need them

  3. Set spending limits on virtual cards so your team sticks to budget

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Elliott Aeschlimann Perales, CEO • Bombinate“We use Revolut Business to generate physical and virtual cards for employees to fund our e-commerce growth.”

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