Sei what the future has in store

Crypto · June 5, 2024Diogo Costa

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and not regulated or protected by investor compensation schemes – value can go down or up. Trading may be subject to tax.

A new crypto learn course has just landed.

Don’t miss this chance to learn all about Sei — a network pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology through open source development. Read on to learn more.

What is Sei?

Sei is a Layer-1 blockchain combining the best features of Ethereum and Solana. Learn how it’s engineered to excel as the primary infrastructure for digital asset exchange, offering the fastest "time to finality" among chains operated by distributed validator nodes.

And it doesn’t stop there...

Learn how Sei has broken new ground, introducing the first Parallelised Ethereum Virtual Machine (PEVM). And how, by combining speed, security, and developer-friendly tools, Sei makes sure it meets the evolving needs of users and developers.

Go back to basics

Keep building your crypto knowledge with our basics lesson and Polkadot course! We’ve created short lessons that cut through the jargon and make crypto easier to understand, even if you’re a total newbie.

Ready to start learning?

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DeFi tokens risk
DeFi tokens are associated with decentralised financial applications, but they come with specific risks.
- Smart contract risk: vulnerabilities in smart contracts may be exploited and lead to significant losses.
- Scam risk: bad actors may launch tokens with no real intention of developing the project, resulting in the exploitation of investors and complete loss of funds.
- Data risk: reliance by some protocols on external data sources, which may be vulnerable to attack, could result in disruption and devaluation.
- Protocol complexity: understanding the intricate nature of DeFi protocols can be challenging. Take time to educate yourself.
These token-specific risks are additional to the general risks of cryptoassets. Learn more about the risks.
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