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Pergolux masters international payments

💼 Industry: retail | 📈 Stage: scale-up |📍 Headquarters: Norway ✅ €25,000+ saved on transfer fees in 6 months ✅ Transaction processing time down from 5 days to seconds

A business blocked by borders

PERGOLUX — a worldwide luxury pergola provider — had outdoor space solutions sorted. They just had to figure out international payments.

The company needed an affordable way to make global payments across 14 countries, and access funds in multiple currencies. Transferring money between their foreign accounts could take 4–6 days, making it difficult to manage cash flow.

Simplifying global payments

PERGOLUX adopted Revolut Business’ global payments, currency exchange at our interbank rate, and multi-currency accounts. This strategy helped them do business around the world — easily, efficiently, and fast — from one user-friendly platform.

Saving on speedy transfers

PERGOLUX saved both time and money using Revolut Business. In 6 months, the company saved €25,000 on transfer fees alone. Plus, it was fast and easy to move funds across borders in a range of currencies. What used to take 5 days, now takes seconds.
Johannes Lauchenauer, CEO & Co-founder • PERGOLUX“I would definitely recommend Revolut Business. It’s very convenient, easy to use, and helpful. Payments are much cheaper, much faster, and it’s easier to manage all access levels.”

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