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Why am I being asked to provide a Power of Attorney?

In the case that you're not a director or shareholder of the applying business, or if there is more than one director/owner we will need a Power of Attorney confirming your right to set up and manage an account in the business’ name.

This proof WILL NOT be required if you invite each director and shareholder of your business to re-verify their identity. The invited person will receive an email with a link to proceed with verification and that process will give consent to you to manage the account. This is a result of Brexit and the additional compliance measures required to continue serving our European customers.

Alternatively, we will ask you to send us a document authorising you to open and manage the account as stipulated by your company’s by-laws. Pursuant to Lithuanian Requirements, such document will need to have an Apostille, therefore we strongly recommend the invitation process where the other individuals receive an email invitation.

If you opt for the Power of Attorney option, it should be a simple statement where person X (owner/director) grants the applicant "consent to open, manage and reauthorise other users to manage the Revolut Business account" (exact expression to be used) where the following is included:

  • Name of the company;
  • Signed by a director/beneficial owner or signed by all parties authorised by the company’s by-laws to authorise representatives;
  • Apostille is required when the place of issuance is not Lithuania;
  • Dated within the past three months.

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