Promotion terms

Revolut Dutch Influencer Raffle Promotion

What is this promotion about?

As part of the Revolut Dutch Influencer Raffle Promotion (the “Promotion”), Revolut is offering prospective Personal customers residing in the Netherlands the opportunity to benefit from a special offer:

  • receive 20 EUR (or currency equivalent) credited to their newly opened Revolut Personal account (the “New Customer Offer”); and
  • be entered into one of the prize draws for a chance to win 1.000 EUR (the “Prize”).

These terms and conditions (the “Promotion Terms”) set out the rules that apply to this Promotion, and you must comply with these Promotion Terms and also the terms and conditions that apply to your new Revolut Personal account at all times when participating in this Promotion.

Please note the Revolut Dutch Influencer Raffle Promotion is different from other promotions that may be run simultaneously, and also include social media influencers.

This Promotion consists of multiple draws throughout 2024. The maximum prize pool for the Promotion is 20.000 EUR, and the Promotion will have a maximum of 20 draws, each with one winner entitled to a 1.000 EUR prize (the “Prize”).

Each draw will be linked to an influencer campaign in the Netherlands. Each influencer campaign will have a set begin and end date. The influencer campaigns can sometimes overlap. You can differentiate Prize Draws by Promotion End Date, as these are unique.

Each new customer will only be able to benefit from the New Customer Offer once. However, once successfully registered, the customer will automatically become eligible to be entered into all 2024 draws for the Prize, under this Promotion.

To take part in this Promotion, you must continuously meet the eligibility criteria and complete the required steps set out in these Promotion Terms before and during the “Promotion Period” as communicated by the influencer on their social media platform and on the relevant related landing page.

Who is eligible for this Promotion?

To be considered an “Eligible Participant” for this Promotion you must meet the following “Eligibility Criteria”:

  • have a residential address in the Netherlands;
  • not have or have previously held a Revolut Personal account with any Revolut group entity; and
  • be at least 18 years of age.

You must also complete the following “Required Steps” before the end of the Promotion Period:

  • click on the Promotion unique link – this will be provided by the influencer within the content or video description;
  • successfully open a Revolut Personal account for the first time through the Promotion unique link; and
  • make a first genuine card transaction of at least 0,01 EUR (or currency equivalent).

You must use the Promotion unique link provided as part of this Promotion to sign up for a Revolut Personal account. If you sign up using the normal account opening process in our app, you will not be able to take part in this Promotion.

Your first card payment can be made using a physical or virtual Revolut card linked to your Revolut Personal account. It must be a genuine purchase (for example, transactions to payment service providers, other bank accounts and e-wallets will not be genuine).

How do I earn the New Customer Offer?

If you are an Eligible Participant, the Revolut group entity that provides you with your Personal account will credit the New Customer Offer to the main balance of your Revolut Personal account within 30 business days after you complete the Required Steps.

How do I enter the prize draw?

Within 30 days after the end of the Promotion Period, we will include the Revolut usernames of all Eligible Participants in the prize draw, and we will randomly select one Eligible Participant as the winner. This process will repeat for a maximum number of 20 rounds for 2024.

If you are the winner, we will notify you via email (to the email address registered to your Personal account). You will have 14 days from the time we initially reach out to you to accept the Prize. If you do not respond within this time, we will randomly select another Eligible Participant from the Prize Draw to be the winner. We will also announce the winner on the corresponding landing page.

After winning the Prize draw once, you will be excluded from further participation in upcoming Prize draws under this Promotion for 2024.

If we contact you to tell you have won but within 30 days of contacting you we realise that you no longer meet the criteria to be considered an Eligible Participant, we will be unable to award you with the Prize, and we will randomly select another Eligible Participant from the Prize Draw to be the winner. You will also remain ineligible to take part in future rounds of the Promotion until you meet the criteria again to be considered an Eligible Participant.

Each Eligible Participant who is selected as a winner will have the same amount of time to accept the Prize.

Our decisions on how to run and manage the Promotion, including the selection of the winner, are final and binding.

What other legal information should I know?

  1. We hereby confirm that this Promotion is in compliance with the Dutch Code of Conduct on promotional games of chance.
  2. We may change, suspend or end the Promotion earlier than the end date we’ve mentioned above if, in our reasonable opinion, the Promotion is being abused or may negatively affect Revolut’s goodwill or reputation. We may do this on an individual or promotion-wide basis.
  3. If we need to change, suspend or end the Promotion before the end of the Promotion Period, we will announce this in the same way the Promotion was announced and, where possible, we will try to give you notice through the app and/or email. Revolut will not be liable for any loss, whether directly or indirectly suffered, as a result of an event outside of its control which means we are unable to continue running the Promotion as planned. Please contact Support if you believe you qualify for a particular benefit in relation to the Promotion that has not been awarded to you as a result of early suspension or termination. Any changes to the Promotion Terms will not affect your rights, if you have already participated in the Promotion.
  4. Employees, directors, agents, contractors and any affiliates of any Revolut group of entities and the same individuals associated with any of the social media influencers this promotion is associated with are not eligible for this Promotion.
  5. These Promotion Terms are published in English. If they are translated into another language, the translation is for reference only and the English language version of the Promotion Terms shall prevail. The English version of these Promotion Terms shall be used in any legal proceedings. If, however, by law the local language should be used, the local language shall prevail.
  6. If you have a complaint about this Promotion, please reach out to Support through the App and let them know you want to make a complaint. We’ll look into your complaint and try to resolve things via email as soon as we can.
  7. If you are not happy with how we handled your complaint, you can still submit your complaint to the Dutch Kansspelautoriteit. The Kansspelautoriteit can be contacted via the following email address: [email protected].
  8. Further to Dutch tax rules on promotional games of chance, Revolut is required by law to withhold taxes from the Prizes on behalf of the winners. The gambling tax rate from January 1, 2024 is 30,5%. The winner's gross Prize is EUR 1.438,84. However, after deducting the gambling taxes, the net Prize is then EUR 1.000,00. You can find more information on the Dutch Tax Authorities website.

This Promotion is organised and offered to you by Revolut’s Netherlands Branch, whose address is at Barbara Strozzilaan 201, 1083HN Amsterdam, that provides you with your Personal account.

Dutch law applies to these Promotion Terms and the courts of the Netherlands have jurisdiction.