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Can I participate in voting at meetings for companies that I own shares in?

If you own shares (even a fraction of a share!) in a US-listed company and you are an eligible voting shareholder, you will receive an email invitation to vote on the matters raised by the US-listed companies in which you have invested and your instructions will be relayed to the vote tabulator of the vote or the meeting accordingly. If you own a fraction of a share, the vote tabulator may or may not decide to round or ignore the fractional share-ownership, depending on the policy they decide to follow.

Revolut utilise a firm, DriveWealth LLC, who provide execution and custody services for stock trading. DriveWealth LLC, in turn, utilise a third party vendor, SAY Technologies, to manage, collate and facilitate any shareholder actions.

When shareholder actions are required, a communication will be sent to customers from SAY Technologies, on behalf of Revolut, for the respective held shares. This communication will primarily be sent via email, however in certain circumstances where email delivery has failed, a fallback postal communication method is used to ensure customers are able to participate in the shareholder actions.

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