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Transferring money into my account

Once your application is accepted and your account is ready to go, the easiest way to add funds to your brand new account is using a regular bank transfer from any other bank account.

Use your account details to make a transfer to your Revolut Business account from an external bank account or another Revolut account. See this article to find your currency account details or to create a new account.

You can also send clients your account details so they transfer you money. You can provide the sender with your account confirmation statement which includes all details about your currency accounts.

You can transfer money to your accounts in 28 currencies via bank transfers. Make sure to check our supported currencies and countries list here.

Please note that International and Local details can't intertwine, due to the fact that we have different providers for both sets of details. This means you should not extract the account number, sort code or SWIFT code out of your IBAN number. You should also only use local details for local transfers in corresponding currency and international details for international transfers. Incorrectly instructed transfers might bounce back to the sender.

For SWIFT transfers, use your BIC/SWIFT code provided on your currency account.

Feel free to browse our other payment topics in our help center: possible fees, allowed timeframes, Revolut's address and more.

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