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Will I have to pay any processing fees for using the Merchant Account?

Revolut aims to provide basic payment processing services free of charge to our Business customers. The way we do this is with our free allowance – the total amount of transaction volume your business can process on a monthly basis with no processing fees.

The size of the free allowance is determined by your plan. You can see the exact allowance available to your business before you start the Merchant Account application.

The free allowance is only applicable to UK and EU card acquiring. Once your business uses up the free allowance in a particular month, Revolut will charge you 1.3% of your monthly transaction volume that exceeds that free allowance.

In the case of non-UK and non-EU card acquiring you will always have to pay 2.8% of the total transaction volume.

You can check the exact allowance and fees applicable to your business, as well as your current monthly usage, by going to your Plan Settings . If you have any questions regarding our pricing structure, do not hesitate to open a chat with us, and one of our support agents will be happy to provide you with more information.

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