Revolut announces new payments partnership with Aer Lingus, as it targets travel sector

Product & feature · January 18, 2024

  • Aer Lingus, Ireland’s flag carrier, is adopting ‘Revolut Pay’ to provide a one-click checkout for customers.
  • With Revolut Pay merchants can maximise their conversion rate with quick and simple payments, and an average authorisation rate of 98.5%.
  • Aer Lingus and Revolut customers can now enjoy a fast, frictionless and secure check-out experience with instant transactions.
  • This partnership sees Revolut’s first foray into the airline industry with Revolut Pay, as the global super app looks to move into the travel space.

Revolut, the global financial super app, has today announced a partnership to offer its Revolut Pay payment technology to Aer Lingus customers.

Revolut Pay will enable customers of Ireland’s flag carrier to pay at checkout with just one click. Revolut’s 2.5 million Irish customers and wider global customer base will now be able to book flights with the airline without the need to input their payment details, simply by clicking Revolut Pay at checkout on the Aer Lingus website and app. Customers can approve the payment securely in their Revolut app - which is protected by their passcode or biometric identification.

The ease and speed of Revolut Pay technology allows merchants like Aer Lingus to maximise their conversion rates and enjoy reduced costs for payment processing, with cart abandonment rates below 10% and an average authorisation rate of 98.5%. The payment solution also allows businesses to accept payments with low fees in more than 25 currencies, and to settle funds within 24 hours.

Revolut Pay forms part of Revolut Business’ payments acceptance offer, as part of its wider business finance platform. In 2023, over 10,000 merchants have accepted online payments with Revolut Pay, with the number of transactions processed by the payment solution having increased sixfold in the past year.

The Aer Lingus partnership marks Revolut Business’ first foray into the airline space with Revolut Pay, as it looks to expand into the travel sector and explore how other carriers and travel partners can benefit from the ability to tap into Revolut's global customer base of more than 35 million, many of whom are frequent travellers.

Founded in 1936, Aer Lingus, Ireland’s flag carrier, currently operates more than 100 routes globally from Ireland to the UK, Europe and North America and three transatlantic routes from Manchester, UK to North America and the Caribbean.

Susanne Carberry, Aer Lingus Chief Customer Officer said:“At Aer Lingus, we are committed to finding new ways to make our customers' journey with us seamless. This begins at booking a flight, Revolut Pay allows customers to make payments quickly and securely using this digital payment method.”

“The addition of Revolut Pay is part of our efforts to make the booking experience frictionless for customers and is another step in our digital journey towards becoming a more customer centric airline.”

Alex Codina, GM of Merchant Acquiring at Revolut said: “We are very excited to partner with Aer Lingus and to support Ireland’s flagship carrier to simplify their checkout experience so customers can pay for their flights, securely, in seconds with Revolut Pay.”

“We think there is tremendous potential to improve both customer experience and operational efficiency across the travel space, and partnering with a trusted, market leading brand like Aer Lingus is a key step towards further transforming payments in this industry.”

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