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Payment Terms - Payment Links

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Revolut's Payment Processing Services Agreement states that its Payment Processing Services may be subject to additional terms relating to a specific Payment Method. This agreement sets out those additional terms and conditions for the “Payment Links” Payment Method. We call them the “Pay with Revolut Terms” (or just the “Terms”).

You cannot use Revolut.Me to receive payments unless you first enter into a Payment Processing Services Agreement with us. All Revolut.Me payments will be processed according to that agreement.

These Terms apply to merchants who use Payment Links to receive payments (“Merchants” or “you”). They do not apply to anyone who uses Payment Links to make a payment (we call them “Customers” in these Terms). If a Merchant uses Pay with Revolut to make a payment to someone else, they will be acting as a Customer and so these Terms will not apply to the Merchant when making that payment.

1. What are Payment Links

A Payment Link is an easy way to accept one off payments from your customers. By sharing a simple URL you can receive payments from anyone, anywhere, who has a valid means of payment.

You can create a Payment Link by adding a description and filling the amount in the Revolut App. You can then share this link with the person you want to pay you.

When you share the Payment Link with someone, they will be able to make a payment to you. If they don’t complete this process, you will not be paid.

Customers can make a payment to you using the following methods. We may add to or remove these methods without notice:

  • Card payments.
  • Revolut Pay.

Manual bank transfer (we’ll provide you account number so they can make a manual transfer to you).

Payment Links are single use. This means that once a payment has been made using a Payment Link, a payment cannot be made using the same link again.

We may put limits on the amount you can request using a payment link, which we will show you in the app.

All payment links have a time limit. After this, the link will expire, and your friend will not be able to make or receive your payment. We’ll tell you what this time limit is in the app when you create the link.

2. What are the fees for Payment Links

We charge a fee for payment received by Payment Links. These are set out in our Fees Page.