Teach kids money skills for life

A Junior account designed for kids, controlled by you. Help them build healthy money habits
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Revolut Junior is truly brilliant! It's easy to use and safe, and is teaching my kids healthy money habits.

They're learning how to save and spend, tracking their money on the app and thanks to it, will grow into empowered and financially savvy adults.
Vicki Psarias, founder of Honest Mum and author of MUMBOSS

Why you’ll love Revolut Junior

only you can add money to a Junior account

Designed for kids, controlled by you

  • Junior is an account, card, and app for kids that you control. Get instant spending alerts and set custom controls for their online and contactless payments
  • We’ve ensured that Junior cards can’t be used with most age-restricted merchants
  • Freeze and unfreeze your kid’s card easily to manage their spending
instant alerts

They’ll learn fast with our money tools

  • Download the Junior app to their phone so they can use our famous money tools. We’ve adapted them especially for kids to make learning fun
  • With your help, things like saving up their allowance, understanding analytics and budgeting for treats will all be child’s play!
card controls

Cool cards they’ll love

  • Order them their own card for guaranteed smiles! Kids can express themselves by choosing their own Junior card from our colourful range
  • We put the number on the back, to protect their account privacy as much as possible
express themselves

Get more from Junior when you upgrade to a paid plan

  • Discover awesome Junior features like Tasks and Goals. Set motivating chores and reward them when they’re completed, or digitise their piggy bank
  • Set Goals with your kids and help motivate them to save up for the things they want
  • Premium and Metal customers can create up to 2 and 5 Junior accounts respectively – perfect for larger families

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to Revolut Junior?

As a parent, you can sign up on Revolut, create a Revolut Junior account for your child, and order their prepaid card from your Revolut app. Your child can then spend the money you make available to them and start using our new dedicated Revolut Junior app to check their balance and transactions.

My child does not have a smartphone. Can they still use Revolut Junior?

Your child will be able to use their card even without having access to a smartphone. It is not mandatory to use the Revolut Junior app for the Revolut Junior card to work. However, we recommend having the app so your child is able to view their balance and track their spending.

Can my child create a Junior account for himself/herself?

Revolut Junior can only be created by parents and legal guardians residing in the EEA. A child cannot directly add money into the account.

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Looking for the kids app? Get it here