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Revolut · 4 December 2023Diogo Costa

There’s a new addition to our Learn & Earn line-up. Introducing iExec — the marketplace powering Web3.

Jump on this course to learn more about iExec and its tech!

Get to know iExec...

iExec connects resource providers and users in the Web3 economy, enabling the buying and selling of computing power, applications, and datasets.

iExec’s unique infrastructure combines the transparency and trust of Blockchain with a new technology called Confidential Computing. This combination not only ensures trust in transactions within the marketplace, but also enables developers to build and monetise dApps that ensure digital ownership and enhance data privacy.

And its latest product

You’ll also learn about iExec’s latest product for developers — ‘Privacy-Enhancing Marketing’.

This concept is empowering developers to create dApps that can effectively engage and reward Web3 users who participate in marketing campaigns, while safeguarding their privacy.

Go back to basics

Keep building your crypto knowledge with our basics lesson and Polkadot course! We’ve created short lessons that cut through the jargon and make crypto easier to understand, even if you’re a total newbie.

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