How can we help?

This transaction was made by someone else without my permission

If you're concerned that your card has been compromised, please freeze your card immediately in the app to prevent any unauthorised payments.

If you believe your card has been used fraudulently, please fill out our chargeback form so we can help with the issue.

To submit a chargeback form, go to your transactions' history in the app, choose the transaction you would like to report and tap on 'Report an issue'. You will be able to submit a chargeback form from there.

If you have already filed a police report, it might help speed up the process.

Please bear in mind that the chargeback process is a last resort to recover your money and it can take some time for Visa or Mastercard to issue their ruling (find out more about the process in How does the chargeback process work? FAQ). If your card was lost or stolen, please report it as lost or stolen on the app or our website and please chat to us.

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