Revolut’s Partner Programme

Welcome to the team

This guide will give you everything you need to know about promoting Revolut's international payments. Make sure your promotions reflect our values of accuracy, transparency, and trustworthiness. In this programme, we're offering Rewards between £300–£500 for clients who successfully sign up international property buyers. These buyers should make international transfers of > £30,000 to purchase overseas property. (Reward value will be currency equivalent i.e Euro worth £300-500, on Euro worth international transfer > £30,000) Please read the attached information sheet on how to promote Revolut's international payments solution to your clients. Note this is a limited-period offer that'll expire on 23:59 GMT 31 May 2024. T&Cs for UK | T&Cs for EEA

Onboarding Guide

Here's what we'll cover:
  1. Introduction to Revolut
  2. Onboarding steps
  3. Success tips: good practises for a great affiliate journey
  4. FAQs: a few things you may want to know
  5. Our products: dive deep into everything we've got to offer

Intro to Revolut

Revolut is used by 40+ million people around the world. Our app helps you control and make the most of your money. Our customers around the world use dozens of our products to make more than 150+ million transactions a month.

Let's kick off

Onboarding steps

We need your help recruiting new active international property buyers to our customer base. Here are the key elements to setting up the partnership.

Get the tracking right

1. Sign up for an Impact publisher account if you don't have one already, or log in to access your publisher account. 2. You'll then be approved and accepted to the Revolut Affiliate Programme and added to Revolut Retail & Business programmes. Please make sure you accept our T&Cs. 3. You'll receive your partner links via email. Test them to make sure the landing page is loading. If your link isn't working, email us. 4. Go live! And share the links with your international property clients. 5. Introduce your clients to Revolut International Payment solution of the app, and let them make their first International bank transfer of > £30,000 via the Revolut app. Note: The transfer should be completed before May 31st 2024 23:59 GMT Contact [email protected] if you have any issues regarding onboarding.

Promotional strategy: get the basics right

How we measure success

We've got one key performance indicator that defines the success of our affiliate partnerships: your customer should make an international bank transfer > £30,000 via Revolut for international property purchase. An international transfer is where there's a cross-border payment and currency exchange (e.g., transferring money from France to the UK and currency exchanges from EUR to GBP). Note: there's a cap of 7 successful invitees per Partner. Please also keep in mind this is a limited-period campaign valid until 23:59 GMT 31 May 2024. Note: Only valid for agents and their clients both located in one of the following countries — UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Lithuania, Ireland (e.g., if the agent is in the UK and the clien in France, that's still valid).

Promotional guidelines

Please follow the Information sheet based on on your location. For agents in UK follow UK information sheet. For agents in EEA follow EEA information sheet.

Tracking links and landing pages

Find the landing pages to promote Revolut. Please note that the links are divided into 2 categories.
If you're an existing partner migrating to Impact, you need to replace your current links with Impact ones. You can find these links under Migration Links.
If you're new to Revolut's Affiliate Programme and don't promote Revolut currently, please wait for us to review your profile and we'll get back to you with the tracking links.
Contact [email protected] if you've been explicitly told to not promote Revolut via Impact tracking links.

Communication Guidelines

  • Finance.
  • For those who want more from their money every day, there's Revolut.
  • Our mission is to remove the friction that stops your money goals from becoming a reality. Join the 40+ million customers worldwide who use our app to spend, send, and save smarter.
  • Sign up to Revolut and make your international property transfer seamless.

If you don't follow the guidelines, we may have to remove you from our programme.

We covered a lot in this section! Got more questions? Please check out the FAQs below


  • You'll are eligible for a commission every New Active User who makes a transfer of > £30,000 for international property purchase after joining Revolut. The commission will be paid to you on a rolling monthly basis
  • Our Retail programme focuses on products that are offered to individuals (personal accounts). Revolut Business is focused on products that are offered to companies (business accounts). Revolut Business affiliates will need to demonstrate a business-specific audience.
  • Yes, you can. After you've signed up, you'll receive separate links to for Retail and Business clients.
  • 1. If your customer transfers £30,000–100,000, you'll get a £300 reward. 2. If your customer transfers £100,001–200,000, you'll get a £400 reward. 3. If your customer transfers £200,001, or more, you'll get a £500 reward. Note: we have a cap of max 7 successful invitees per Partner Note: The pilot is only live in UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania & Ireland
  • Payments are rolling monthly, on 30-day terms.
  • If you can't find the answers to your questions on this page, please reach out to your designated Affiliate platform.
  • Your commissions will be equivalent to the GBP value. If your commission is £300, you'll be paid the equivalent value in Euro, i.e. £300 x 1.09 (exchange rate) = €327. The Euro rate chosen will be the rate at the time of settlement