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Switching another account to Revolut

Switching your account from another Lithuanian bank to Revolut is free.

To request a switch, you need to already be a Revolut customer and have completed your identity verification.

Contact us via 'Help' in your app and fill out the Request Form (available in the mobile app; button below) for the Account Switching Service. We'll switch standing orders, direct debits and periodic credit transfers from your old bank to your Revolut account. You can also ask for your old bank account to be closed, and we'll complete this on your behalf. Note however that some banks may not allow your old bank account to remain open after you switch.

Furthermore, please note we won't be able to make the switch if your old account is overdrawn, so make sure there's no negative balance before you make this request.

Please also ensure that the account at the other bank:

  • Has no outstanding obligations on the incoming payment account
  • Is suitable for over 18 years of age
  • Is not a business account
  • Is not an account jointly held with another party
  • Is denominated in currencies Revolut accepts

Your requested switch will take at least 13 business days from the day of submitting the request. More information on the account switching process is available in the Rules PDF for the Account Switch Service between Payment Service Providers.

We'll send you an email to let you know when the switch has been completed successfully.

If any incoming payments arrive to your old account after the switch date, please contact your old bank to make sure they're paid into Revolut.

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