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How does cashback for Stays bookings work?

You can earn cashback when you book with Revolut Stays.

  • Cashback types and timing

When you make a "Pay now" booking, you will receive instant cashback, paid to you within minutes of making the booking. When you make a “Pay at property” booking, you will receive your cashback after you have paid at the property during your stay. For "Pay at property" bookings, your cashback will be paid by the end of the month following the check-out. (For example, if your check-out date is on the 15th of March and you paid with your Revolut card, you will receive your cashback by the end of April). Remember that for "Pay at property" bookings, you can only earn cashback if you pay with one of your Revolut cards. If you have any issues with your cashback please fill in the form below (only available in-app) and our agents will take care of your case as soon as possible.

  • Amount of cashback

The amount of cashback you will earn depends on the property you are booking and your Revolut plan. You only earn cashback on the base amount of the booking (excluding taxes and fees) and not on any additional fees paid at the property.

  • Viewing cashback

You can see the amount and type of cashback you will earn before making your booking on the property details page and on the checkout page. Once you have booked, you can view this information on your booking details accessible from the My Bookings section of Revolut Stays.

You will be able to see all your pending and paid cashback from the cashback section of Revolut Stays on the discover screen once you have made your first booking.

  • Cancellation and amendments

If you cancel a "Pay now" booking, Revolut will take back any instant cashback that was paid to you. You will be able to keep your cashback if you cancel a non-refundable booking. However, you will not receive a refund. If you cancel a "Pay at property" booking, any pending cashback will be cancelled and you will not receive it.

If you amend a "Pay now" booking resulting in a lower price, Revolut will take back a part of the instant cashback that was paid to you.

If you amend a "Pay now" booking resulting in a higher price, Revolut will pay you additional cashback.

If you amend a "Pay at property" booking resulting in a lower or higher price, the pending cashback will be adapted to the new base price of the booking.

For more information, please see our Stays Terms and Conditions.

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