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When will the bank transfer reach my Revolut account?

The type of transfer used to send the money is key to determine when it will reach your Revolut account. The type depends on the location (local or cross-border) and currency for which there are unique account details. You can find your available local and cross-border account details for each supported currency in the ‘account details’ section of your Revolut app.

Below you can find the timeframe estimates for when a transfer should reach your Revolut account:

• Your local British pound (GBP) account details can receive three types of GBP transfers sent from bank accounts in the United Kingdom:

  1. Faster Payments transfers usually reach you immediately, but can take up to a few hours (this is the most common UK type of payment).
  2. CHAPS transfers reach you the same or next working day.
  3. BACS transfers take up to 3 working days to reach you.

• Your local euro (EUR) account details can only receive one type of transfer: SEPA euro transfers from bank accounts within the SEPA zone (full list of countries can be found here). Regular SEPA transfers can take up to 2 working days to reach you, and if your bank supports instant SEPA transfers, those should arrive within seconds.

• Your international (cross-border) account details can receive one type of transfer: SWIFT transfers sent from international bank accounts. SWIFT transfers can take up to 5 working days to reach you.

SWIFT is the slowest transfer type, whereby sending, and/or processing (intermediary) banks often charge fees. Learn more about SWIFT fees in 'Will I be charged for an inbound transfer?’ FAQ.

Other useful information:

• The transfer time frame(s) mentioned above only starts counting once the transfer has actually been sent by the bank. This may differ from the time when the transfer was instructed. Some banks don’t process transfers during weekends and bank holidays.

• Typically you can find the transfer type used by the sending bank on the transfer confirmation (receipt of the transfer). If you cannot find this on the transfer confirmation, or you’d like to understand the type through which it will be sent, please ask the sending bank.

• All banks and payment service providers are required to run checks on your payments to comply with regulations, which may cause delays.

If a transfer hasn’t reached your Revolut account within the timeframe(s) mentioned above, please visit ‘What should I do if a transfer doesn't arrive to my Revolut account?' FAQ.

If you need to have money on your Revolut account immediately, you might choose top-up by card.

If you need further assistance, please chat to us.

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