Flexible credit with the new Revolut credit card

Get a credit limit that's twice the value of your monthly salary, up to €6,000.
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Representative example
Get €2,000 credit limit with annual interest rate of 13.5% by signing an open-ended contract.
Assuming that you use the credit limit for 12 months, the total amount payable will be €2,148.12, Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 14.32%. If you use your credit, the minimum monthly payment will be 5% of the used credit but not less than €5. There won’t be any monthly payments or any interest if you don’t use the credit.
Get a zero-fee credit card in minutes

Get a zero-fee credit card in minutes

  • With a grace period of up to 62 days, pay no interest on purchases when you fully repay you balance before the end of the next calendar month.
  • No need to wait! Start spending instantly online or in person with a virtual credit card
Get up to two months salary in flexible credit

Get up to two months salary in flexible credit

  • Apply for a credit limit that's twice the value of your monthly salary, up to a maximum of €6,000
Need additional credit?

Need additional credit?

  • It's just as simple to apply for a personal loan with Revolut

How to get a credit card with Revolut

Apply for a credit card directly from the Revolut app and get an answer within minutes

Download the app

Get started with Revolut on your iOS or Android device

Tap on Credit

Go to Home > Credit, then tap on Start

Apply for a credit card

Tap on ‘Get a credit card’ to start your application

Common questions

What does the interest rate depend on?

The particular interest rate offered to a particular customer depends on his/her personal credit score. The credit score depends on the customer's creditworthiness, up-to-date financial liabilities, credit history (behaviour, active and/or already repaid overdues) etc.

Are there any fees for a revolving credit limit apart from the interest?

No. Any and all fees are clearly stated. By the way, all fees already applied and related to your current Revolut plan are stated here.

Am I eligible for a revolving credit limit?

In order to be eligible to apply for a credit limit you need to be over 18 years of age and you need to be a current resident of Lithuania, as well as a client of Revolut Bank UAB. As we just started lending money, we are offering credit services to a limited group of our customers. Currently credit services are available for our most active Revolut Bank customers, and we will gradually offer loans to more customers over time.

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